How to Export Instagram Followers/Following List on your PC

If you are on this page, you are most likely looking for a way to export the followers or following lists of your Instagram account (or any other Instagram profile). Until some time ago it was very easy to export the list of followers or following: just click on the link and once the pop-up with the list of users was opened, a simple copy and paste was done.

Even now you could do this and copy the list of followers or following but you would get a very confusing file containing not only the username of the person but also other information such as the profile picture and the status of that account.
Here is an example:

So, what is the solution to be able to extract the list of Instagram followers and following in a simple, clean and fast way? The answer is given once again by InstaBot Pro.
Thanks to InstaBot you can do this with a simple click and get the list of your followers saved in a text file on your PC.

Do not you believe it? Download the free demo version (for Windows PC) of the program and try it:

After installation you will see the following main screen:

Click on LOGIN INSTAGRAM button (on the top left):

Now enter your Instagram username and password and click Log in.

Wait until you will see again the main interface of the program and a button on the top left saying “Ready

Now you can export Instagram Followers List on your PC following these steps:

Step 1. Click on GET FOLLOWERS FROM USERS button on the top (black button)

Step 2. Enter the UserName and the quantity (number of followers you want to extract from)

Step 3. Click on Extract Users button

At the end of the process you will see this alert:

Go on your desktop you will find the Followers_from_ [username] .txt file and inside all the users you were looking for:

Done! Now you can copy this list and paste in Excel to do more analysis and checks.

The procedure to extract the followings is completely identical to what was seen above. You just have to be careful to click on the black “Get Following from Users” button.

NB: In order to extract the followers/followings the program first scrolls the whole list and at the end captures the names. So if you want to extrapolate more than 3000 followers for an account we recommend having a RAM greater than 16GB

InstaBot Pro not only manages to download the lists of followers & followings, it is also able to extrapolate users who have made posts related to a certain hashtag or even users who have liked a particular photo (in this regard, read: how to Export People who like an Instagram Picture)

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